Remember these tips while cleaning  face...

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Remember these tips while cleaning  face

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 Published: 04:58 PM, 6 January 2022  

Clean the face with the right ingredients. Photo: Collected

Clean the face with the right ingredients. Photo: Collected

Much of the beauty of both men and women depends on the face. Beauty is greatly diminished if the face does not look good. In this case, we can keep the skin of our face beautiful  by taking regular care. The first step in keeping our face beautiful is to keep the face clean.

However, it is necessary to know the rules to correctly cleanse our face. Bad habits can ruin the beauty of  face.

It is better to clean your face with lukewarm water even in winter and summer. This is because mild hot water does not damage the blood vessels in the skin. Meanwhile, if we clean our face with more cold water, our skin may lose its normal absorption. Regular cleansing of the face in the right way that will brighten the skin, remove acne and other skin problems.

Do not clean face with dirty hands

There are many people who clean their face with dirty hands. This is a bad habit. If you use facewash on dirty hands, the dirt from the hands can enter your skin directly. There can be various types of infections. So it is important to clean your hands before touching your face.

Do not use hot water

Never use too much hot water on the skin. Use mild hot water but do not use too hot or cold water. Many people use extra hot water to wash their face during winter. As a result, the skin loses its natural dryness. That is why tanning or roughness occurs on the skin. So never use hot water to wash your face.

Do not wash your face with makeup

Many people wash their face with makeup on it. This is a wrong process. The face must be cleaned using a remover before washing the face. Then you have to wash your face with water. If you wash your face with makeup, makeup particles can get into the pores of the skin. These particles can cause various skin problems by closing the pores of the skin.

Clean the face with the right ingredients

If you do not use the right ingredients for cleansing the face, it will have a negative effect on the skin. So you have to buy face cleansing ingredient understanding the skin type. Find out which one is suitable or beneficial for your skin. Do not use soap to clean face. The chemicals in the soap will damage your facial skin.