Transport solution for monsoon problems...

Transport solution for monsoon problems

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 05:13 PM, 4 August 2022  

Transport solution for monsoon problems- File Photo

Transport solution for monsoon problems- File Photo

After waiting about 30 minutes for transport Farah, a rising corporate official finally got a CNG-run autorickshaw for her daily commute to Banani. Amid all the jealous glaring eyes, she got into the CNG, feeling herself the luckiest. However, her luck runs out when she had to suffer long dawdling congestion at the Bijoy Shoroni signal.

Monsoon in Dhaka can create quite a suffering because of its unpredictable nature. Although the heat wave goes down with it, people start facing several inconveniences that come along with rainy days. Excessive traffic and waterlogging are not uncommon for city dwellers. People often get late to reach work while school or college-going children suffer as well.

The rush in the morning is nerve-wracking for Farah as she and her husband have to hurry to leave for work and they also have to drop their daughter to school on the way. Raining makes the suffering unbearable sometimes and there is always a high risk of fever and cold if rainwater falls on you.

All these issues can make the lives of Dhaka unbearable. Amid this situation, their commuting experience can be much more hassle-free if they prefer ridesharing services like Uber. It has services that can help them to go several places in one trip. Riders can book a car for several hours to finish all their errands. And if needed they can make intercity travels through ridesharing services as well. 

No need to stress over monsoon-created transportation troubles when you have the solution a tap of a button away.