Siblings Day: Building strong bonds between siblings...

Siblings Day: Building strong bonds between siblings

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 Published: 10:53 AM, 10 April 2022   Updated: 10:53 AM, 10 April 2022

Siblings Day today; Photo: Collected

Siblings Day today; Photo: Collected

To keep the relationship between brother-brother, brother-sister and sister-sister, Siblings Day is celebrated every year on April 10 in the United States and Canada. This Siblings Day is celebrated all over Europe on May 31. Brothers and sisters are the strongest bonds in a relationship.

Meanwhile, the day is celebrated to raise awareness about the importance of a sibling in a person’s life. the day aims to make people realize the value of brothers and sisters in their lives and to express gratitude towards their siblings.

On Siblings Day, we thank our brothers and sisters for being a part of our lives since childhood and making it better with their constant presence. the main intention is to emphasize the important role that siblings play to shape our lives and the person we become after growing up.

Apart from our parents, the majority of our most cherished memories from childhood feature them and that is why our bonds with siblings are wholly precious. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to have a day to celebrate the bonds we share with our favorite brothers and sisters.

History of Siblings Day

New Yorker Claudia Evart, the founder of the Siblings Day Foundation, lost her brother Alan and sister Lisette at an early age. She founded the day in 1995. April 10 was selected as the date to honor and celebrate the importance of siblings as it also marked the birth anniversary of Evart’s late sister Lisette.

Siblings Day Foundation aims to bring recognition to the day federally. Claudia’s organization also works on establishing an International Siblings Day with the help of the United Nations.


A Sibling is an important and integral part of one’s life and sometimes, we forget to express this feeling. On this day, siblings communicate their gratitude towards each other by sharing meaningful gifts, expressing their love by hugging each other, spending the day doing each other’s favorite activities, sending handwritten notes and more.

If you have a best friend, who has been a sibling to you more than a friend, you can also be with them on this day.