Will act regularly if the story is good: Porshi...

Will act regularly if the story is good: Porshi

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 Published: 05:55 PM, 10 August 2022   Updated: 06:02 PM, 10 August 2022

Sabrina Porshi

Sabrina Porshi

Sabrina Porshi, one of the most popular singers, won everyone’s hearts a long ago with her voice. At a young age, she surprised everyone by entering a music competition. After growing up, she gained immense popularity as a singer.

Apart from singing, Porshi has also made a name for herself in acting. Not only in her own songs, but she has also even been seen in movies. She acted in the movie “Mental” with superstar Shakib Khan. Besides, Porshi worked in “Maria One Piece” and “Shaadi Mubarak” dramas for two consecutive Eids. 

Porshi shared her experience of acting to Daily Bangladesh. The interview was taken by Sobdonill.

Daily Bangladesh: How are you now after facial surgery?

Porshi: Alhamdulillah, I am very well now. For the first ten days, I was forbidden from talking. I have to speak very slowly. Now, I am fine.

Singer Sabrina Porshi

Daily Bangladesh: You are getting a lot of responses for acting, how are you enjoying it? 

Porshi: I’m not an actor, I’m a singer. Whenever I want to work outside of music, I want to do something new. Whatever I do; i.e.; singing and acting is for the audience. It feels great to get compliments. I was a bit more scared while working on the second drama than the first drama, but Alhamdulillah the audience accepted it well.

A scene of the drama ‘Shaadi Mubarak’

Daily Bangladesh: How did it feel to work with actor Farhan?

Porshi: This is my first work with Farhan. He is quite a good actor. He did 80 percent of the work for my good performance. He is Very supportive. At first, I said I was a little scared because it was a matter of seeing how the pair of me and Farhan would take the audience. Singing or acting — there is a favorite pair of the audience everywhere. However, the pair of me and Farhan has been accepted very well by the audience. This is a place of tranquility.

A scene of the drama ‘Shaadi Mubarak’

Daily Bangladesh: What is your desire to act in the future? 

Porshi: I was a little scared when I first worked. I was applauded positively by the audience through the dramas “Maria One Piece” and “Shaadi Mubarak”. I want to do well in singing or acting. But if there is a good story, there is a desire to act regularly.