Audience`s abuse used to pain Mim...

Audience`s abuse used to pain Mim

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 Published: 09:47 PM, 6 August 2022  

Bidya Sinha Saha Mim- File Photo

Bidya Sinha Saha Mim- File Photo

Bidya Sinha Saha Mim acted in half a dozen films in her 14-year career. Some of these movies have been appreciated. But Mim will keep the 'Ananya' character of 'Paran' apart, which was released last Eid.

At first, the movie was released in just 11 theaters. Later, it was increased to 60 theaters due to huge response from the audience in the fourth week. Even in the fifth week, theaters were full. But Mim was upset with the movie at the beginning.

Originally, the audience was angered by the negative aspects of Mim's character Ananya in 'Paran'. They used to be rude. Sitting in the audience sit of the halls, Mim used to suffer hearing abuses from the audience. Later, she realized that this abuse of the audience is basically her success. A testament to her acting prowess.

Mim said about this,"I used to watch the show standing alone in the dark to see the audience reaction. The audience used to laugh. It felt very bad. Back home, I was upset. Everyone in the team understood that this is the purpose of an actor. Later I understood that the character is like that. It means that I have been able to give 100% to the character and the audience is reacting like that."

Mim said that in the last 14 years, she has also received national awards for acting in half a dozen films. Still, she could not get a response from the audience like Ananya's character of 'Paran'.

Mim said, "I was waiting for such a day. I have acted in many movies. But it was not discussed that way. It was a pity. I got confidence anew."