May Allah bless us together: Omar Sani...

May Allah bless us together: Omar Sani

 Entertainment Correspondent

 Published: 04:58 PM, 2 August 2022   Updated: 05:00 PM, 2 August 2022

Omar Sani and Moushumi; Photo: Collected

Omar Sani and Moushumi; Photo: Collected

A few weeks ago, the sound of separation was heard in the family of popular actress Moushumi and her husband Omar Sani. But for now, the ‘house breaking’ storm has stopped. The two have vowed to walk the path together again. 

This time, Omar Sani expressed the hope of spending the rest of his life with Moushumi. Omar Sani expressed such a conviction on a Facebook status on their wedding anniversary.  

Omar Sani wrote, “May Allah grant us the grace to be together for the rest of our lives. Happy wedding anniversary Moushumi.’ The couple consummated their love by getting married on August 2, 1995, while playing love on the screen. Today is 27 years of their family life.”

Noted that in 1994, director Dilip Shom made the movie ‘Dola’ with Moushumi - Omar Sani. The two started acting together in this movie. Then love, and it turns into marriage. This couple has two children. Son Fardin and daughter Faiza.