‘Paran’ releasing on Eid day after much controversy...

‘Paran’ releasing on Eid day after much controversy

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 Published: 03:08 PM, 6 July 2022   Updated: 03:08 PM, 6 July 2022

Poster of the movie ‘Paran’ directed by Raihan Rafi

Poster of the movie ‘Paran’ directed by Raihan Rafi

The movie ‘Paran’ directed by young director Raihan Rafi . Earlier, it was announced the movie will be released on Eid day. The trailer of the movie has been released yesterday (July 5). The director himself has revealed the trailer on social media.

Director Raihan Rafi writes, “The story of Paran is about love, hate, and fighting. As long as there is love in the world, there will be fights for love and there will also be wars. Many people became great due to love, on the other hand, many became controversial. How will the love story of Roman-Ananya-Sifat?”

With the release of the trailer, there has been a great stir among movie lovers. Some write – “this will be a triangle love story for sure. It assumes that the movie is based on a recent incident.” 

Some even write that they are getting the impression of the story of Rifat’s murder in Barguna. However, director Raihan Rafi told Daily Bangladesh, “I am requesting the audience to go to the hall and check whether it is related to any incident. Since the movie is being released on Eid.”

The trailer and song of the movie ‘Paran’ have already attracted a lot of attention on social media. The film lovers are thinking that this film will meet the expectations of the audience as an Eid film.