Omar Sani admits ‘distance’ with Moushumi...

Omar Sani admits ‘distance’ with Moushumi

 Entertainment Correspondent

 Published: 03:28 PM, 13 June 2022   Updated: 03:50 PM, 13 June 2022

Omar Sani and Moushumi; Photo: Collected

Omar Sani and Moushumi; Photo: Collected

Renowned film actress Moushumi’s husband popular actor Omar Sani has admitted that the “distance with his wife Moushumi” has been going on for several days.

Omar Sani admitted this in an interview given to the media on Monday afternoon.

“I have made it clear what I have said. I want to speak with respect. I have great respect for my family, for Moushumi, for my children,” Omar Sani. “I don’t know what she (Moushumi) said, how can she say, and why she said (blaming Omar Sani).” 

Omar Sani said there was “some distance” going on over this issue for some time. I was trying. But you know, as per the phone records, I was not talking to her on the phone. I will not say anything bad about her.

Commenting on this topic, Moushumi said, “I think there was no need to drag me. I like Zayed a lot like a “brother” and he respects me enough. As far as the working relationship between us is concerned, it is a very good relationship. There is no question of disrespecting me. He never disrespected me.”

“Why this question is arising again and again, it is bothering me — this thing is... I don’t know why this is happening. This is our personal problem though. We needed to solve that problem as a family,” Moushumi also said.

Meanwhile, about Moushumi’s remarks, Omar Sani said, “Because she is still my wife. Mother of my child. I would like to say one thing – what I did, what I said – my son Fardin and daughter Faiza know everything.”  

“We have enough evidence that Zayed Khan is disturbing. Let Fardin and Faiza say. Let my sons and daughters say these things. I don’t want to talk about these things,” he added.

Bangladesh film industry’s popular actors Omar Sani and Zayed Khan were involved in a controversy during a wedding program of actor Dipjol’s son on Friday. It was learned that Zayed Khan “pulled out a pistol and threatened to shoot” Omar Sani. However, Omar Sani slapped Zayed Khan when he saw him entering the program earlier.

“I forbade you not to disturb my wife (actress Moushumi),” Omar Sani told Zayed Khan at that time. In response, Zayed Khan pulled out a pistol from his waist and said he will shoot Omar Sani. 

Discussions and criticisms about this incident have been going on for two days starting from the movie arena to the internet world.