Cannes highlights climate crisis in official poster...

Cannes highlights climate crisis in official poster

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 Published: 08:21 PM, 22 April 2022   Updated: 08:22 PM, 22 April 2022



The Cannes Film Festival authorities have released a thematic poster to highlight the importance of nature in tackling the harmful effects of climate change. The 75th edition of this world-renowned film festival is starting on May 17. Therefore, like every year, Cannes has released the official poster again. 

The published poster shows — a man climbing the stairs with his eyes on the horizon. Puts his hand on the sky. It is named “Infinite Sky Blue”.

It is adorned with scenes from Andrew Niccol’s screenplay and Peter Weir’s “The Truman Show”. Last Tuesday (April 19), the organizers informed about the Cannes festival.

At present, due to the global climate crisis, humanitarian catastrophe and many other concerns, the authorities have kept the Open Sky in this year’s official poster, which means the “Importance of Nature”.

Concerned people think that cinema changes people’s thinking. Basically, the film talks about life, it talks about society - brings the bond of friendship and universal camaraderie. Organizers say “the Cannes Festival is a poetic celebration of the relentless pursuit of freedom of expression and freedom”.

Now, the authorities of Cannes aim is to present and show quality movies with an artistic touch. The 12-day festival will be screened on May 27. This year’s event will be presented by Belgian actress Virginie Efira.