Voting in Artistes’ Association polls underway...

Voting in Artistes’ Association polls underway

 Entertainment Correspondent

 Published: 12:08 PM, 28 January 2022   Updated: 02:20 PM, 28 January 2022



The Voting in the 17th biennial election of the Bangladesh Film Artistes’ Association has underway. The voting has started from 9 am on Friday and will continue till 5 pm at the Study Room of the association at BFDC in the capital. 

Seeing a team of policemen in front of the main gate of BFDC, it can be said that the voting for the biennial election of the Bangladesh Film Artistes’ Association for the 2022-24 term is taking place under tight security. 

Presidential candidate Ilias Kanchan has cast his first vote in this election. On the spot, it was seen that several stars have appeared at BFDC before 9 am. Among them are Misa Sawdagar, Dipjol, Shuchorita, Aruna Biswas, Nipun, Zayed Khan, DA Tayeb and others.   

While talking to reporters before the polls, Misa Sawdagar said the voting will be held in a beautiful, normal environment. The Election Commission called me and Kanchan in the morning. “We saw the ballot papers. There was a little mistake in ballot number 234. As a result, it has been canceled with the consent of all of us,” he added.

Ilias Kanchan and Aruna Biswas

Meanwhile, before the polls, Misa and Zayed were caught on camera together and gave a hint of victory in advance by showing a victory sign. However, the Ilias Kanchan-Nipun panel has the possibility of winning this year’s polls.  

The number of voters in the 2022-24 term of the Film Artistes’ Association is 428. Peerzada Shahidul Harun is in charge of acting Chief Election Commissioner. He is accompanied by BH Nishan and Bazlur Rashid Chowdhury. Sohanur Rahman Sohan has been made the chairman of the Board of Appeal. The members of this board are Mohammad Hossain Jamie and Mohammad Hossain.