Artistes’ association polls today; List of candidates...

Artistes’ association polls today; List of candidates

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 Published: 09:54 AM, 28 January 2022   Updated: 10:46 AM, 28 January 2022

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The 17th biennial election of the Bangladesh Film Artistes’ Association is being held today (Friday, January 28). This year, two panels are contesting in this election – one of them is the Ilias Kanchan-Nipun panel and the other is the Misa Sawdagar-Zayed Khan panel.

Here, two-term president Misa Sawdagar will compete with Ilias Kanchan for the post of president and Nipun will contest for the post of general secretary opposite of Zayed Khan.

Earlier last week, the High Court issued a rule asking why it was not illegal to remove 16 members of the Film Artistes’ Association from the voters’ list without any notice. The High Court bench of Justice Md. Khasruzzaman and Justice Md. Mahmud Hasan issued the rule, following a petition to postpone the election of the Bangladesh Film Artistes’ Association on Wednesday.

However, the petition was dismissed and the 17th biennial election of the Bangladesh Film Artistes’ Association on January 28 was kept in force. As a result, the voting of the artistes’ association is taking place on the scheduled day.

Complete candidate list of two panels at a glance — 

Kanchan-Nipun Panel

  • President: Ilias Kanchan
  • Vice-Presidents: Riaz and D.A. Tayeb
  • General Secretary: Nipun
  • Assistant General Secretary: Symon Sadik
  • Organizational Secretary: Shahanur
  • International Affairs Secretary: Nirab
  • Office and Publicity Secretary: Arman
  • Culture and Sports Secretary: Emon
  • Treasurer: Azad Khan
  • Members of the Executive Council: Amit Hasan, Shakil Khan, Nana Shah, Afzal Sharif, Sanko Panja, Jasmine, Keya, Pori Moni, Gangua and Simanta.

Misa Sawdagar-Zayed Khan panel

  • President: Misa Sawdagar
  • Vice-Presidents: Monowar Hossain Dipjol and Rubel.
  • General Secretary: Zayed Khan
  • Assistant General Secretary: Subrata
  • Organizational Secretary: Alexander Bo
  • International Affairs Secretary: Joy Chowdhury
  • Office and Publicity Secretary: JK Alamgir
  • Culture and Sports Secretary: Zakir Hossain
  • Treasurer: Farhan
  • Members of the Executive Council: Rozina, Anjana, Shuchorita, Aruna Biswas, Moushumi, Asif Iqbal, Bapparaj, Ali Raj, Nader Khan, and Hasan Jahangir.

Besides, antagonist actor Don is contesting as a member of the executive council as an independent candidate.