Saralpur Band’s copyright claim for ‘Juboti Radhe’ revoked...

Saralpur Band’s copyright claim for ‘Juboti Radhe’ revoked

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 Published: 06:08 PM, 27 January 2022  



The Saralpur Band has claimed a song titled ‘Juboti Radhe’ by stealing several lines of the popular song ‘Sorboto Mongolo Radhe’ by Mymensingh lyricist. Eventually, Saralpur Band’s copyright claim was revoked.

Confirming the matter on Wednesday (January 26) night, Zafar Raja Chowdhury, registrar of the Bangladesh Copyright Office, said the copyright of Saralpur band has been revoked as the allegation of covering the line of ‘Sorboto Mongolo Radhe’ with the song ‘Juboti Radhe’ has been “proved”.

After the release of ‘Sorboto Mongolo Radhe’ in 2020 under the patronage of IPDC Finance Limited and directed by Partha Barua — Saralpur Band who claimed the owner of the song, accused them of violating the Copyright Act. 

They alleged the Bangladesh Copyright Office gave a copyright certificate to Saralpur Band in June 2018 for the song titled ‘Juboti Radhe’. IPDC has released the song titled ‘Sorboto Mongolo Radhe’, keeping the words and melody of that song exactly, without the permission of the Saralpur Band.  

The Bangladesh Copyright Office recognized vocalist and guitarist Tariqul Islam Tapan, the founder of Saralpur Band, as the lyricist and composer of the song ‘Juboti Radhe’.

Later, when a dispute arose, the Bangladesh Copyright Office began an investigation. They sent letters to Bangla Academy, Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University (JKKNIU), Jahangirnagar University, Folklore Department of Rajshahi University. From there, the investigation proved that the “Saralpur Band had stolen the song”.

“We have been informed from each department that the song has copied many lines from the popular song of Mymensingh lyricist,” said Copyright Registrar Zafar Raja Chowdhury.

“A rhyme from a book ‘Gramera Chhara’ written by Bimal Kumar Mukherjee also proves that Saralpur Band copied 12 out of 32 lines of the song ‘Juboti Radhe’ exactly,” Zafar Raja Chowdhury also said, adding: “In the remaining 5 lines, they have added some words which match the meaning of the original song. A book was written by Ashutosh Mukherjee also bears a resemblance to the song ‘Tumi Hou Jamuna Radhe’.”  

We have decided that the ownership of the song ‘Juboti Radhe’ is no longer with the Saralpur Band for the “crime of theft”, he further said.

Copyright Registrar said “the Saralpur Band had violated sections 88 and 89 of the Copyright Act”. As per rule, there were fines and jail terms against them. “But since no one has claimed in this regard, we can’t give provisions,” he added.

Earlier, vocalist Sumi Mirza released the song ‘Juboti Radhe’ on YouTube under the banner of Laser Vision, referring to it as “Collected”. At the Bangladesh Copyright Office, Sumi Mirza claimed that the song was made by a Mymensingh lyricist, however, the Copyright Office gave the copyright certificate to Saralpur Band as it was not found to be true.    

Later, a dispute took place between Sumi Mirza and Saralpur Band over the song which rolled up to the court.

After that, Saralpur Band also criticized Chanchal Chowdhury and Meher Afroz Shaon for covering the song ‘Juboti Radhe’ by IPDC. Now that their copyright has been revoked, Chanchal Chowdhury said, “the truth has prevailed.”