Folk singer dies of `intentional` COVID contract...

Folk singer dies of `intentional` COVID contract

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 Published: 02:10 PM, 20 January 2022   Updated: 04:20 PM, 20 January 2022

Hana Horka

Hana Horka

A folk singer from the Czech Republic has died after being deliberately infected with COVID. Her son told the BBC about the matter.

The name of the folk song artist is Hana Horka. She was 57 years old. After being infected with coronavirus, she wrote on social media that she was recovering. But she died two days later.

Son Jan Reck says his mother was deliberately infected after he and his father became infected with the virus, to make it easier for her to travel to different places.

The musician's husband and children have been vaccinated and contracted coronavirus during Christmas.

Reck said his mother deliberately came in contact with him without maintaining distance though She could set herself apart for a week. But she was with them all the time.

The Czech people has to show the vaccine certificate to enter various places including cinemas, bars and cafes. If it is not, then proof of corona infection must be shown.

Reck said his mother is a member of one of the oldest folk song groups in the Czech Republic. She wanted to be infected with the coronavirus so that she could travel to different places.

'I am recovering,' she wrote on social media two days before her death. Now there will be a theater, there will be a concert.

But she died on Sunday night. As she was getting ready to go for a walk outside, she suddenly started having back pain. At one point she laid down in the bedroom and died in just 10 minutes. 

She had not been vaccinated as she thought it was better to be infected than to be vaccinated.