Actress Shimu’s body found inside sack: Husband, his friend held...

Actress Shimu’s body found inside sack: Husband, his friend held

 Entertainment Correspondent

 Published: 11:55 AM, 18 January 2022   Updated: 02:14 PM, 18 January 2022

Film actress Raima Islam Shimu; File Photo

Film actress Raima Islam Shimu; File Photo

The dismembered body of film actress Raima Islam Shimu has been recovered. Keraniganj police have recovered her sacked body near Hazratpur Bridge in Keraniganj.

“Actress Shimu’s body was recovered around 10 am on Monday,” confirmed Keraniganj Model Police OC Md. Abu Salam Mia.

After the rescue, Shimu’s body was kept in the morgue of Sir Salimullah Medical College (Mitford) Hospital in Dhaka.

“The body of a woman named Raima Islam Shimu was recovered from Keraniganj around 10 am. Her body has been kept in the morgue of Mitford Hospital for autopsy,” said Keraniganj Model Police OC Md. Abu Salam Mia.

Actress Shimu’s sister Fatema said Shimu left home at 10 am on Sunday. “At 7 pm, a Shimu’s friend said Shimu was not available on the phone”. Later at 11 pm, a GD was lodged with Kalabagan police station.

After recovering Shimu’s body, her brother Shahidul Islam Khokon identified her at Mitford Hospital in the evening. Later, Shahidul Islam Khokon filed a case against Shimu’s husband Nobel as the main accused. Nobel’s friend Farhad has also been accused in the case.

Shimu’s brother Shahidul Islam Khokon said his brother-in-law Noble used to beat Shimu frequently. “He is addicted to drugs,” he also said.

Meanwhile, Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) has arrested actress Shimu’s husband Nobel and Nobel’s friend Farhad as suspects in the murder of Dhallywood film actress Raima Islam Shimu.

They were arrested on Monday (January 18) night. A car was also seized at the time. 

According to RAB sources, a private car was seized from them. “Blood” was found at the back of the private car.

On Tuesday morning, RAB and police are conducting an operation with Shimu’s husband Noble and friend Farhad, who is also a driver of the seized vehicle.

RAB sources said when the driver (friend) was questioned, he gave some “sensational” information to the RAB. As per that, an operation has been conducted with them.

They have also confessed to the murder to RAB and police.

When asked about this, actress Sadia Mirza said “the OC of Keraniganj Police Station informed me that the body of Shimu has been recovered”. The cause of death was not immediately known. Actress Shimu was missing from 10 am on Sunday till today.