Film star Ovi detained for 9 months, sexually abused at rehab...

Dhaka, Saturday   22 January 2022

Film star Ovi detained for 9 months, sexually abused at rehab

 Entertainment Correspondent

 Published: 02:33 PM, 5 January 2022   Updated: 02:37 PM, 5 January 2022

Anik Rahman Ovi; File Photo

Anik Rahman Ovi; File Photo

Anik Rahman Ovi, an actor in the Dhaka film industry or Dhallywood, was disappeared and has been missing for 9 months. Even his mobile phone was found switched off. However, Zayed Khan, general secretary of the Film Artistes’ Association, told the media that he got a call from Ovi, saying that he was detained and faced torture for 9 months.

“Ovi called me while I was in Pirojpur. He told me – ‘I am Ovi, they detained me for 9 months’,” said Zayed Khan.

“We have not been able to find out where Ovi has been for so long. His dues in the association also remained,” actor Zayed Khan said while talking to the media. “I was visiting my parents’ grave. Suddenly I got a phone call and I was surprised that Ovi himself called me, however, I don’t know where he was called from. He only said he was detained and sexually abused by a woman for 9 months. Many more were trapped.” 

On Wednesday morning, Zayed Khan sent a copy of an application to the media, saying, “I have learned that Ovi has been detained at the Gazipur Bhawal Drug Rehabilitation Center. I informed the RAB in writing. RAB conducted an operation and rescued 20 people including Ovi from the rehabilitation center in Gazipur yesterday. I am grateful to the law enforcement agencies.”

Zayed Khan also mentioned on Facebook that Ovi was detained and “sexually abused”. He said in the post that “film star Anik Rahman Ovi, despite not being addicted to drugs, used to be chained for 9 months and physically and sexually abused by a woman who owned the rehabilitation center. Based on secret sources, in the wake of the allegation of the Film Artistes’ Association, RAB conducted a raid and rescued 20 people including the film actor Ovi. It was reported that the owner of the center was under the influence of drugs during the operation!”

However, RAB is saying different things. They said Ovi became “addicted to drugs”, ‍as a result, he was admitted to the drug rehabilitation center. 

Confirming the matter, RAB official Moin said, “We have rescued 20 people. One has been rescued following a complaint by the Film Artistes’ Association. He was also been sent for medical tests. He was tortured in various ways here, he wanted to get out of here but was not allowed to leave. We are also looking into why he was detained.” 

Actor Anik Rahman Ovi has acted with National Film Award-winning actress Popy in the movie ‘Sahosi Joddha’, and has also acted in several films including ‘Chatpati Bhalobasha’, ‘Dustu Chele’, ‘Bhalobasha Dot Com’, etc.