Subah-Eleyas on way to ‘separation’ within a week of marriage...

Subah-Eleyas on way to ‘separation’ within a week of marriage

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 Published: 03:26 PM, 29 December 2021   Updated: 02:12 PM, 15 January 2022

Subah Shah Humyra with husband singer Eleyas Hossain; File Photo

Subah Shah Humyra with husband singer Eleyas Hossain; File Photo

Model, actress Subah Shah Humyra sparked a heated discussion in 2018 where she leaked her affair with Nasir Hossain, once a regular cricketer of the Bangladesh National Cricket Team. Later, it was heard in the media that the actress tied the knot with singer Eleyas Hossain. 

Subah-Eleyas started their new journey in a rented house in the capital’s Banani area after their marriage. About this, singer Eleyas said, “I want to inform I got married, however, I can’t give more details.” 

Earlier on Thursday (December 23), Subah shared a picture of her Gaye Holud, a ceremony of smearing the person with turmeric preparatory to marriage. She commented they held the Gaye Holud program, however, did not tell the date. Subah even avoided answering the question of when the marriage took place.

Meanwhile, the new news is that Elias and Subah are having a “marriage dispute” for a few days, following Subah’s marriage with Eleyas. Subah is bringing one allegation after another against Eleyas. She has been giving regular live and status on social media for several days. However, Subah does not want to say much about it in the media. 

Elias, meanwhile, says he does not want to say anything until the matter is “settled with a case”.

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On Wednesday (December 29), Subah shared a status on social media, although she had previously uploaded a video on Tuesday (December 26) night. Since then, there has been a rumor that is Subah-Eleyas on the way to getting separated immediately after their marriage?

Subah writes in the status: “Every girl’s dream to get married with a Gaye Holud program happily. She wants to become a mother by giving birth to a child to have a happy married life. But there are some boys who take marriage as a game and ruin the lives of girls. All girls can marry a penniless husband with a smile. Many girls make a living by eating rice with salt after wearing less expensive clothes but when a husband is unfaithful, he lies, he lies to another girl in the name of his wife - his character is not right.”

“At least she does not want to stay with him, nor she will be. That women-greedy man traps many girls to go abroad! It is not possible to have a happy married life with him,” she also said.

Subah added: “I was stupid like a blind man, maybe I believed in love again, so I got married. The only mistake I made was marrying. I am in a lot of mental anguish and I can’t tolerate anything. Tell me what should I do? Should I die of poison or should I accept it, or what should I do? I urge all to pray for me.”