Phone conversation with Murad: What Mahi says on Facebook...

Dhaka, Friday   21 January 2022

Phone conversation with Murad: What Mahi says on Facebook

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 Published: 10:26 AM, 7 December 2021  

Mahiya Mahi

Mahiya Mahi

An audio clip, basically a phone conversation, went viral on social media on Monday. The conversation was among State Minister for Information and Broadcasting Murad Hassan, actor Emon and actress Mahiya Mahi.

During the conversation with Mahi, Murad was heard passing abusing comments and pressing to her to come to a city hotel where he was staying. As she was refusing, Murad threatened to rape her. The state minister also asked Emon to hold the actress by the neck and bring her to him. 

Actor Emon authenticated the audio clip and said the conversation took place around two years ago. 

Mahi was silent in such an incident. But finally, she responded about the phone conversation.

The actress posted a video message last night on her Facebook profile from Makkah, where she went to perform Umrah, said she was a victim of circumstances. 

"I was extremely embarrassed that day. Only I know how my self-esteem was hurt. Even today I feel very embarrassed," she said. 

"Think about it, what should I have said in response to this kind of language? I really didn't have the words to say anything that day. That's why I didn't protest that day. I thought that I should ignore the issue. So, I was silent," she said.

Expressing regret over not receiving the calls from journalists, Mahi said, "I'm not receiving calls. I don't have the state of mind to talk about this right now."

Finally she said, "Allah is my witness. I was the victim in that situation."