11 products incl burgers, pickles, chutneys of Pangas innovated...

11 products incl burgers, pickles, chutneys of Pangas innovated

 BAU Correspondent daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 08:12 PM, 1 July 2022  



A team of researchers from the Department of Fisheries Technology of Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) has developed 11 value-added products from the unused portion of Pangas catfish to provide fish nutrition to all and protect fish farmers from financial loss. 

Professor Dr. Fatema Haque Shikha, head of the Department of Fisheries Technology, led the research team. She was accompanied by Professor Dr. Md. Ismail Hossain.

14 postgraduate students of the same department were also involved in the research. The two-year study, which began in 2018 amid the COVID pandemic, ended this year.

Professor Dr. Fatema Haque Shikha, head of the research team, said the 11 products invented from Pangas are — fish burgers, fish pickles, fish chutneys, fish cutlets, fish sausages, fish pancakes, fish flakes, fish chips, fish macaroni-pasta, fish gelatin and fish glue.

“The popularity of these value-added products is tested through panel tests. Research is also being conducted on whether these products are suitable for food storage,” she also said.

Dr. Fatema Haque Shikha added that many of the current generations do not like to eat fish. So our main goal is to reach fish nutrition by making different food products from the fish. Especially “invented products” are very popular among children. They will be able to easily absorb the nutrition of the fish by consuming these products.  

Regarding the preservation of the invented products, Dr. Fatema said the experiments show that among the fish products, dry food stays good in air-free polythene bags for six to nine months. On the other hand, wet foods stay good in the fridge for three to four months. Besides, fish pickles and sauces can be stored for about 1 year.

Researcher Dr. Ismail said the products include 20.98 percent protein in fish burgers, 22.50 in fish pickles, 6.8 in fish chutneys, 18.38 in fish cutlets, 12.54 in fish sausages, 23.92 in fish pancakes, 24.56 in fish flakes, 24.87 in fish chips, ‍and 22.72 percent protein in fish macaroni-pasta.