CU admission starts on June 15...

CU admission starts on June 15

 CU Correspondent

 Published: 06:46 PM, 13 June 2022  

CU admission starts on June 15

CU admission starts on June 15

The admission test into Chattogram University (CU) for the 2021-2022 academic year for the first graduate programs will start next Wednesday (June 15) at 10 am and will continue till 1159 pm on July 13.

Meanwhile, the admission test will start on August 16 with the entry test of "A'' unit, followed by "C" unit on August 19, "B" unit on August 20, 21, "D" unit on August 22, 23. Besides, examination of sub-unit 'B-1' will be held on August 24 in the morning and 'D-1' unit in the afternoon of the same day.

The application fee for unit / sub-unit has been increased by Tk 200 and fixed at Tk 750. Besides, Tk100 will be charged as processing fees.

Admission test under Faculty of Science, Faculty of Biology, Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Oceanography and Fisheries will be held under unit "A". One will have to obtain minimum GPA-4 in SSC and HSC each and total GPA-8.

Admission test of the Faculty of Arts and Anthropology will be held under Unit "B". One will have to obtain minimum GPA-3.50 in SSC and HSC exams each; Humanities students have to obtain a total of GPA-7.5 and a minimum GPA 3.00 in each; Applicants must be obtained a minimum grading point average or GPA of 3.50 in each exam and a total GPA of 8 in both exams for applying Business Faculty.

Unit 'C': Eligibility to apply for the admission test of the Faculty of Business Administration under Unit C is a minimum of GPA-6.00 for secondary and higher secondary and a separate GPA-3.50 for each.