Teachers` association members denied entering VC building...

Teachers` association members denied entering VC building

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 Published: 04:32 PM, 25 January 2022  

Teachers` association members denied entering VC building

Teachers` association members denied entering VC building

The agitating students of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology have erected a human wall in front of the VC building and they are not allowing anyone except the police to enter.

The University Teachers' Association president and some other teachers, including Tulsi Kumar Das, were not allowed to enter when they went to meet the VC. 

At that time Teachers' Association president said, "We have heard that VC sir is ill. We brought some food for him and will return after delivering these foods."

"We have also brought food for the hunger strikers," he added. We want them to end fasting. We want to solve all problems through discussion. 

Professor Tulsi Kumar Das said, "Present your needs through discussion. After considering all the issues through investigation, we will appeal to the authorities so that the problems can be resolved in a timely manner." 

At that time, the students said, "We are not allowing anyone inside to enter." "If the VC gets sick, you bring food. Then we will send food inside through the police. And the person who is guilty will be the one to investigate. It is clear here that the students were attacked with the help of the police. Protect our starving brothers and sisters by ensuring the resignation of that VC."

At that time, the members of the teachers' association sent the food to the VC through the police and the students said that they would continue their hunger strike unless the VC resign.

Since last Wednesday, 24 students have been on hunger strike demanding the resignation of VC. On the sixth day of the hunger strike, 20 students were taken to hospital. Many of them have returned from the hospital on hunger strike. After the announcement of the mass hunger strike last Saturday, five new students have started the hunger strike.

Note that the movement to demand the resignation of the Hall Provost later turned into a movement for the resignation of the VC. The students have been protesting against the police attack on the campus since January 16. The students gave an ultimatum to the VC to resign voluntarily till noon on Wednesday. As the VC did not resign within that period, 24 students started a hunger strike. From then on, the campus became abuzz with slogans. Students were warned to continue their hunger strike until their one-point demand was fulfilled.