Now all SUST students joining mass hunger strike...

Now all SUST students joining mass hunger strike

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 05:23 PM, 24 January 2022   Updated: 05:23 PM, 24 January 2022

Press conference of the protesting students; File Photo

Press conference of the protesting students; File Photo

Now all the protesting students of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) – demanding the resignation of the Vice Chancellor (VC) – have announced to join a mass hunger strike.  

The protesting students announced the decision at a press conference on Monday afternoon. 

At the press conference, they said that no one on hunger strike had taken food from the hospital during the treatment. “Now, we all students will join the hunger strike.”

Meanwhile, out of 24 students on hunger strike, 20 fell ill and were admitted to hospital. They were admitted to the hospital in critical condition after 120 hours of hunger strike on Monday afternoon.

According to the students, so far 20 students have been hospitalized on the fifth day of the hunger strike. They are in “critical condition”. These ailing students have been admitted to Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College Hospital (SOMCH), Jalalabad Ragib-Rabeya Medical College and Hospital (JRRMC) and Mount Adora Hospital in Sylhet.

“The conditions of the students on hunger strike was gradually getting out of control,” informed doctors on duty at SOMCH hospital, saying that many of them have been admitted to the emergency room.

Many of them “could go into a coma” if they do not break their hunger strike. Yet if they break their strike, “it will take more than a month” for them to fully recover. They must break their strike as soon as possible, the duty doctors added.

One of the protesting students said 7 of them are admitted to SOMCH hospital. They will return to the hunger strike today. Here they will continue their protest.

“We have started a mass hunger strike since Saturday. As part of the program, three students started a new hunger strike yesterday. A total of five students, including two others, took part in the mass hunger strike today. A total of 29 students are continuing their hunger strike on the 5th day of the protest,” he also said, adding that “they will not break their hunger strike till the resignation of VC.”

Noted that last Thursday (January 13), due to a situation arising out for the mismanagement in Begum Sirajunnesa Hall, the students of that hall, at first, started a movement demanding the resignation of the Provost Associate Professor Jafrin Ahmed Liza. As the movement was not resolved quickly, it turned into a mass movement. At one stage, the students blocked the VC in the IICT building of the university.

According to the students, the police later “attacked” the students as per the direction of VC. The students were outraged by the VC’s decision. As a result, the students demanded the resignation of the VC. The VC was given “an ultimatum to resign voluntarily” till 12 pm last Wednesday. The students went on a hunger strike as the VC did not resign at that time.