Why is Sprite changing iconic green bottles to white?...

Why is Sprite changing iconic green bottles to white?

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 Published: 07:51 PM, 30 July 2022  

Why is Sprite changing iconic green bottles to white?

Why is Sprite changing iconic green bottles to white?

Sprite is set to change its iconic green bottle to white. The green bottle, which has been around for more than 60 years, is now being transformed into a transparent white bottle.

Sprite's parent company Coca-Cola has given this information in a recent statement. The company said the new bottles of Sprite will be available in the market from August 1.

Sprite has earned huge reputation among soft drinks around the world. Not only does this drink from the green bottle top the list in terms of thirst quenching, but also in terms of taste. 

Plastic materials were first used commercially more than 50 years ago, but there is growing evidence that what was once hailed as a wonder product has real potential to cause harm to people and the environment. Chemicals used in plastic products are thought to be absorbed by human bodies and have been found to alter hormones and have other potential side effects, similarly, plastic debris laced with chemicals is often ingested by animals that an injury or poisoning marine and other wildlife.

The new move will reduce 20 million pounds of plastic waste compired to 2019, according to Coca-Cola. Working with Coca-Cola Consolidated is a recycling company called R3Cycle.

The company's CEO says it will help drive a circled economy for plastics.

"Sprite's packaging graphics will retain the brand's recognizable green hue and include prominent 'Recycle Me' messaging," said Coca-Cola.

The lemon-lime soft drink was first introduced in the United States in 1961. Cherry and sugar-free flavors of Sprite are already being sold in several countries. Of course, those bottles are not plastic made.