Sugarcane cultivation booms in Domar...

Sugarcane cultivation booms in Domar

 Domar (Nilphamari) Correspondent

 Published: 07:48 PM, 13 August 2022   Updated: 07:49 PM, 13 August 2022

Sugarcane cultivation has increased in Domar; Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Sugarcane cultivation has increased in Domar; Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Sugarcane cultivation has increased in Domar, Nilphamari due to low cost and high profit. Itinerant vendors are buying sugarcane from farmers and selling it in the market at a good price. Farmers and traders, as a result, are also benefiting from this.           

It is learned that sugarcane is produced well on flat land due to high land and drainage systems. As compared to other crops, the number of sugarcane farmers has increased every year due to the relatively low cost of production and higher selling prices. 

Due to the favorable weather this year, there is less disease in sugarcane fields in this upazila. As a result, the yield has also improved. Farmers are getting good prices in the field due to the huge demand for sugarcane. Even the itinerant vendors bought sugarcane from the farmers in the field and sold it in the market at a good price. 

Zainal Abedin, Upen Chandra Roy, Hazrat Ali, Amin and Nurul Haque, sugarcane growers of Boragari UP, said that they have been cultivating sugarcane for about 10-12 years. Diseases have decreased. The weather is very hot. So there is a huge demand for sugarcane in the market. Depending on the type of sugarcane, each piece is being sold at the rate of Tk 10 to Tk 30. Hybrid (Ishwardi-41/42) variety of sugarcane has been sold for Tk 80,000 to Tk 100,000 per bigha (33 Shatak).

Sugarcane cultivation has increased in Domar; Photo: Daily Bangladesh

“I cultivated hybrid sugarcane (Ishwardi-41) in one bigha of land and got a good yield. This time, I sold sugarcane for Tk 75,000,” said sugarcane farmer Ezar Uddin.

Upazila Assistant Agriculture Officer Kamruzzaman said all the sugarcane cultivated in our area is of the “Ishwardi variety”. Ishwardi-31,32,37,38 and 41,42 varieties are suitable for sugarcane cultivation. Ishwardi-41 and 42 varieties of sugarcane are good yielders and are more in demand in the market than other varieties. The price is also good.

Upazila Agriculture Extension Officer Bakul Islam said sugarcane cultivation has increased in the current season than last year. This year sugarcane has been cultivated on 13 hectares of land – which has been cultivated one hectare more than last year. 

He added that Ishwardi Sericulture Centre takes care of the cultivation of these varieties of sugarcane, but we also advise the farmers to eliminate diseases.