Tigers roaming panic locals in Purbachal...

Tigers roaming panic locals in Purbachal

 Rupganj (Narayanganj) Correspondent daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 06:02 PM, 12 August 2022  

Tigers roaming panic locals in Purbachal- Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Tigers roaming panic locals in Purbachal- Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Tigers have been roaming in Purbachal, the outskirts of Dhaka, for a few days which created extreme panic among locals. A video recorded in sector 25 of Purbachal went viral on Facebook last Tuesday. In the video shot by a young man named Swapan, two tiger cubs can be seen walking and playing on Pichdhala road in Purbachal. Since then tiger fear has spread among locals.

Local residents said that a large part of Sector 24 and 25 of Purbachal has been kept by the Forest Department for the beautification of the city. Deep Ghazari forest exists in that area. Although there are other animal sanctuaries inside the forest, this is the first time two tigers have been spotted. Many people in the area have seen these tigers.

Due to tiger scare, many people no longer leave their homes after dusk. Many are moving with sticks to safe themselves in urgent needs. Children and cattle are in trouble. Many also said that cattle are going missing and dying for unknown reasons when they are kept near the forest for food.

Many types of crimes are being committed by taking advantage of silence. Now the tiger has started roaming in the locality. Locals have demanded to strengthen the security of this area to overcome this situation.

Rupganj Upazila Livestock Officer Dr. Md. Regan Molla said that the Upazila Livestock Department claimed the two tiger cubs as cheetah tiger species, and once there was a deep forest in this area of the forest department. Tigers may have lived here since then. Currently, due to lack of food, tigers may come closer to the locality.