Ashrayan project changes Abadpur scenario...

Ashrayan project changes Abadpur scenario

 Badalgachi (Naogaon) Correspondent

 Published: 04:00 PM, 9 August 2022  

Ashrayan project changes Abadpur scenario- Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Ashrayan project changes Abadpur scenario- Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Abadpur is a remote village of Badalgachi upazila in Naogaon. A large part of this village, located eight kilometers from the upazila headquarters, was uncultivated and fallen. There is a beel covering more than 350 bighas.

These lands were not useful as there was no human habitation in the vicinity. But Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's Ashrayan project on the occasion of Mujib Barsho has changed the image of Abadpur. The socio-economic environment of the area is changing day by day. New jobs are being created. 

Visiting the site our correspondent reported that on the occasion of Mujib Barsho, life pulse has arisen thanks to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's Abadpur Ashrayan project. Earlier there were only four shops which were open only for 2-3 hours in the afternoon. But thanks to the Asharyan scheme, shops are now open all day and night.

Not only that, new shops are being built around the project and old shops are being renovated. Earlier there was no electricity here. Due to the project, electricity connection has been provided here by installing 12 electric poles from a distance of about 1200 meters. As a result, people here are dreaming of setting up small industries. 

Ismail Hossain Bachchu is building a barber shop- Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Ismail Hossain Bachchu is a resident of Laurail village of Mahadevpur Raigaon UP. He used to travel from village to village and worked as a barber. He is constructing a permanent fenced house with bamboo and wood on the fallow land next to the market. Permanently he will now work as a barber in this room.

Mr. Liton Chandra Mandal of Abadpur village said that every afternoon he used to take grocery items on his bicycle and sell them under the open sky. He is thinking to expand the business by building a permanent shop here. Because now the buying and selling has increased a lot. 

Badalgachi Sadar UP Chairman Anwar Hossain said, on the occasion of Mujib Barsho, this neglected place has become very valuable due to Sheikh Hasina's Ashrayan project in Abadpur. New roads are being built to improve communication systems and existing haat will be further expanded. Meanwhile, new shops have been built around the project. We will dig up the huge bill that is here so that new employment opportunities are created.

He also said that the natural beauty of the area is very charming. I will propose to build a park here so that people around can enjoy this beauty. 

UNO Alpana Yasmin said, considering the economic importance of Abadpur, we have decided to construct a shelter project here. There is potential for setting up various types of small and medium industries. We will provide vocational training and micro-loans on a priority basis. So that self-employment opportunity are created for the people of that area. Also, the natural beauty here is very eye-catching. We will also set out to attract the attention of tourists to this beauty.