Kamar Palli gets life ahead of Eid...

Kamar Palli gets life ahead of Eid

 Rony Akand, Kalai (Joypurhat) daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 03:36 PM, 6 July 2022   Updated: 03:36 PM, 6 July 2022

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Ahead of Eid-ul-Azha’s busyness in slaughtering sacrificial cattle and cutting meat — making machetes, sharp weapons and knives has increased at Kamar Palli in Kalai, Joypurhat. As Eid approaches, the busyness is increasing, as if there is no time to breathe.

On the spot, it has been seen that there is a demand for iron-made tools all year round in Kamar Palli of Kalai. But ahead of Eid-ul-Azha, the blacksmiths are now passing busy time. Some are sharpening the tools while some are helping another colleague.

The blacksmiths doing their work forgetting everything - only a little talk with a colleague for “relevant work”. Some are making these iron products and selling them wholesale and retail in different parts of the country. Some also set up shops where they are selling knives, Paglu-1, Paglu-2, machetes, and sharp weapons at different prices. As a result, the presence of buyers has also increased.

this time the price of knives, machetes and sharp weapons has increased than last years, they said.

On the other hand, Vendors claimed that the cost of making these tools has gone up than last year due to rising commodity prices, and rising iron and coal prices.

Nirmal Karmakar, a blacksmith from the Punat area of the upazila, said the prices of all raw materials have increased this year. However, there was “no change in wages”. Even though the price of raw materials increases, however, the finished product cannot sell by increasing in that proportion. “We had more or less work all year, but now we have to work a little more. In a word, at the time of Qurbani Eid, Kamar Palli gets a life,” he added.

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Businessman Liton Karmakar said he has been involved in this profession for many years. Many have changed their businesses over time. The price of everything has increased – the quality has become better. Now in the market, a sharp weapon is being sold at TK 320-450, machete at Tk 250-300, and knife at Tk 150-300. Again small knives of different sizes are being sold for Tk 30-100, sharp weapons for Tk 200-400.

Jabed, who came to Punat to buy sharp weapons, said he bought a sharp weapon for Tk 320 and a knife for Tk 130 for slaughtering sacrificial cattle.