Bamboo bridge construction with own money...

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Bamboo bridge construction with own money

 Tangail Correspondent

 Published: 01:59 PM, 30 June 2022   Updated: 02:00 PM, 30 June 2022

The locals build the bridge with their own money; Photo: Daily Bangladesh

The locals build the bridge with their own money; Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Locals have constructed a bamboo bridge in the Kagmara Bhangarpar area of ​​Tangail Municipality to alleviate the suffering of the people. 

On Wednesday evening, they were able to enjoy the movement on that part of the broken road with bamboo bridges at their own expense. Earlier on Sunday evening, the paved road was washed away by the strong current of floodwaters and communication with Tangail town and the western and northern parts of Sadar upazila was cut off. 

Although the local representatives promised to repair the damaged part in a short time, they took this step as it was not implemented.

According to locals, the Tangail-Jugni road collapsed in the Kagmara area, disrupting communication between the people of Baghil in Sadar Upazila and several villages in Dainya UP. The road has been flooded and floodwaters have inundated the croplands of Kagmara, Baimile, Basar Char, Laujana and Baghil UP’s Konabari and Dharerabari villages in Ward No. 3 of the municipality. 

Tangail Municipality Mayor SM Sirajul Haque Alamgir, Sadar Upazila Parishad (UP) chairman Shahjahan Ansari and local councilor Saiful Islam visited the spot and promised to alleviate the suffering of the people, however, it was not implemented in three days. 

The bamboo bridge was constructed on Wednesday afternoon at the initiative of Abdus Sabur Matabbar, businessman Rafiqul Islam Swapan, Azad Fakir, Afsar Fakir, Lal Mia, Shihab Mia, Ghatu Mia, Tutul Mia, Shahin Mia, Raju Mia and others. It is not possible to move vehicles, but people can cross. With this, human suffering has been alleviated a lot.

Rafiqul Islam Swapan and Lal Mia, residents of the area, said that people from the remote Jamuna Char of Baghil UP use this road to travel with the city. Many return home at midnight on this road. Thousands of people are suffering as the road is destroyed by floods.

Although the local representatives have promised to alleviate the suffering, it has not been implemented yet. For this reason, the bamboo bridge has been constructed with the initiative and cooperation of the locals, they added.

Ward No. 3 Councilor Saiful Islam has admitted to constructing the bridge with the money of the locals. He said the repair work of the road will be started in a day or two with the municipal funding for the public movement.

About this, Tangail Municipality Mayor SM Sirajul Haque Alamgir said the road would be repaired soon.