Who is this Utsho behind ‘Aske Amar Mon Valo Nei’? ...

Who is this Utsho behind ‘Aske Amar Mon Valo Nei’? 

 Chattogram Correspondent daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 03:46 PM, 29 June 2022   Updated: 03:53 PM, 29 June 2022

Kazi Hannan Ahmed Utsho

Kazi Hannan Ahmed Utsho

The dialogue ‘Aske Amar Mon Valo Nei’ has been the most discussed on social media in recent times. Although the main theme of this dialogue in the Chattogram regional language is – “I don’t feel good,” however, many have started exchanging it to make their “minds better”. Friends chat or Facebook captions - this word is spread everywhere. One student even wrote in a university examination paper – “Sir Amar Mon Valo Nei (Sir, I don’t feel good)” – which has already gone massively viral.  

The creator of this discussed-dialogue at home and abroad is Kazi Hannan Ahmed Utsho, a son of Chattogram, lives in the Dewan Bazar area in ​​the city. Another identity of Utsho on social media is “Kashem”. Utsho arranged the dialogues by imitating the voice of a person from the area whose name is Kashem. From there, many called him “Kashem”.

Utsho was quite prankish since childhood. After high school, he was admitted to several public and private universities, but he did not pay attention to them. Lastly, he was admitted to the open university. Unable to concentrate there, he finally chose the online world. Started creating fun dialogues. And got a huge response. Among his many popular dialogues are — “Proman Ache”, “Rang Mistri Shaippe”, “Toi I Kittam”, etc.

Asked why he chose “prank calls” as content, Kazi Hannan Ahmed Utsho said, “I have been trying to imitate people’s voices since childhood. In continuation of this, a couple of years ago, I copied the voice of a prankish man from the area and created a content called ‘Proman Ache’ – which was my first content. Then I share it with friends on Facebook and Messenger.” 

“I didn’t realize that audio would be so viral. Ever since then, I have entered the world of prank calls with the encouragement of my friends.”

“When many people started uploading my first content ‘Proman Ache’ on their Facebook page or YouTube channel, I thought it went viral. Then I created another content called ‘Toi I Kittam’ – Which also went quite viral. But when I saw some of these viral content being re-runs on their own YouTube channel to their credit, I created a channel myself. Since then, the journey of ‘Chittainga TV’ - which is going well so far,” Utsho added.

Utsho said he tried to do a part-time job at first. After that, the issue of YouTube came to his fore as soon as he left the job and started thinking of his own business. However, he did not go into the business. “I’m fine here right now. I want to stay with my YouTube channel in the future too,” he also said.

Utsho said at present, the number of subscribers on his YouTube channel “Chittainga TV” is around two and a half lakh right. He already received the Silver-Play button from YouTube authorities for one lakh subscriptions. So far, about 40 content has been uploaded to the channel. Of these, multiple records have become quite popular. Some of the content has also gained viewership outside the country.

About the prank calls, Utsho said “almost all the prank calls uploaded so far are made by them”. From the beginning, his relative Fahad bin Wahid Shakib voiced opposite him. Besides others, one or two friends give voice. 

Regarding the use of slang or sarcasm in prank calls, Utsho said, “We, the people of Chattogram, are a little prankish. But now we are making call records without these. Because at first, our audience was youth. But now people from all walks of life, including my father, listen to these records. So I am thinking of everyone and omitting slang words.”

Utsho is working on a web series in addition to prank calls. Recently, the shooting of the play called ‘Dorailla Bhoot’ has ended which will be released on their YouTube channel on the seventh day of Eid.