Three cattle markets in Ctg on 17 conditions...

Three cattle markets in Ctg on 17 conditions

 Chattogram Correspondent

 Published: 06:42 PM, 17 June 2022  

Cattle market; File Photo

Cattle market; File Photo

On the occasion of Eid al-Adha, the Chattogram district administration has given the approval to set up three temporary cattle markets in the city under 17 conditions. This approval was given recently subject to the opinion of Chattogram Metropolitan Police (CMP). Earlier, Chattogram City Corporation (CCC) had applied for the setting up of 10 temporary huts.

The three approved temporary cattle markets are — Nur Nagar Housing Estate, the cattle market adjacent to the Salt Gola Rail Crossing and the empty ground of TK Group located south of Butterfly Park in South Patenga.

Besides, there are three permanent cattle markets in the city - Sagarika Baza, Bibir Hat and Postarpar Goat Hat.

Mohammad Nazrul Islam, chief revenue officer of CCC, said the district administration had approved the setting up of three temporary cattle markets. Hats will be leased in a short time and will sit for 10 days before Eid al-Adha.

Notable among the 17 conditions laid down by the Chattogram District Administration are — 

The temporary cattle market should be set up at a convenient place of at least 100 yards away from the main road so that the traffic on the main road is not disrupted under any circumstances; 

No animals will be kept on the streets and no poles should be placed outside the boundaries of the cattle market 

To prevent coronavirus infection and spread, hygiene should be observed, hand sanitizer, soap and water should be provided at the entrance and exit of the cattle market.

Besides, there should be a one-way movement for buyers and sellers in the temporary market of the sacrificial animal, that is, there should be separate entrances and exits. 

Ensure hygiene rules for everyone 

Special care should be taken so that there are no gatherings in the market.

The elderly and children should be discouraged from entering the cattle market 

Encourage online buying and selling of animals. 

The leaseholders of the cattle market have to recruit volunteers with their own adequate security arrangements. 

A veterinarian or surgeon must be ensured to verify the health of the animal at all cattle markets.

Market areas need to be cleaned at their own responsibility. 

The leaseholder has to install CCTV cameras at important places in the cattle market.

While transporting animals on the road, the leaseholder or his designated representative shall not be forced to change the route of any kind of cattle transport vehicle or to take the cattle to his own market.