Sunamganj sees worst floods in over a decade...

Sunamganj sees worst floods in over a decade

 Sunamganj Correspondent

 Published: 04:17 PM, 17 June 2022  

Waterlogged public life in Sunamganj

Waterlogged public life in Sunamganj

Due to continuous rains and hill slopes, the water level in the rivers of Sunamganj is increasing. This time the severity of the flood has surpassed all records of the past. The water level of Surma River at Shologhor Point in the municipal town of Sunamganj on Thursday (June 16) has risen to 75 cm above the danger level. On Wednesday, the danger level was over 35 cm.

The highest point of Sunamganj municipal town has also been submerged. Meanwhile, seven upazilas including Sunamganj Sadar, Bishwamvarpur, Tahirpur, Dowarabazar, Chhatak, Jamalganj and Shantiganj have been flooded. Hundreds of thousands of people have been waterlogged. 

Due to the presence of water in more than 8 main points in Sunamganj municipal city, the movement of vehicles is also being disrupted. Besides, communications in Chhatak, Jamalganj, Bishwamvarpur and Tahirpur with the district Sadar are cut off.

Meanwhile, flood waters have entered houses in different areas of Sunamganj municipal town. Nabinagar, Shologhor, Dupakhali, Bananipara, Balaka, Bilpar, Hasan Nagar, West Teghariya, North Arpin Nagar, Maratila, Natun Para and several other areas of the city have knee-deep water.

They say “they have not seen such floods in Sunamganj in the past”. Due to the increase in flood waters, people’s houses, roads, educational institutions and other facilities have been inundated. The people of these areas are in dire straits with their cattle.

Residents of the West Tegharia area said there was not much water in the morning. Now our house has waist-level water. We are sitting on the bed with household items. We have never seen the way the water is rising. We have not seen such a flood in 2004.

Sunamganj District Water Development Board Executive Engineer Md. Zahurul Islam said although there is rain in Sunamganj, the “upstream rainfall” is very high. As a result, river water is rising rapidly. If the upstream rain is low then this situation may improve a bit.

Mentioning that necessary preparations have been made to deal with the flood situation, Sunamganj DC Jahangir Hossain said shelters have been opened in every upazila. 17 shelters have been opened in Chhatak, 16 in Dowarabazar and 10 in Sunamganj Sadar. The administration will help in flood shelters by providing temporary food aid including dry food to all those who are unfit to stay at home.

He further added that the people are in dire straits as the second phase of the flood situation has not been resolved yet. The severity of the flood situation has “surpassed past records”. We request to everyone – please be careful.