A tale of Tamima’s humanitarian journey...

A tale of Tamima’s humanitarian journey

 Bogura Correspondent daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 05:51 PM, 16 June 2022   Updated: 01:18 PM, 25 June 2022

Human rights activist Tamima Nasrin

Human rights activist Tamima Nasrin

Tamima Nasrin, a human rights activist and development professional, has been working for Women’s Rights and community development for a decade. She established a youth Lead organization called ‘SheEqual’ for the advancement of women and girls’ rights in Bangladesh.

Recently she had worked at the United Nations Population Fund Bangladesh as a District Facilitator for a long period of time in Bogura district where she provided various technical assistance to district Police and district Women's affairs office to prevent and response  gender-based violence against women and girls.

She has done so many remarkable works in Bogura notably providing training to the Police personnel of district Police Bogura to run a service desk for women, children, elderly and disabled at Police Stations along with creating a women and child friendly environment.

She also monitored the activities of these service desks and contributed to policy advocacy from district to national level. Her dynamic leadership and different initiatives made these places a reliable zone for women and girls.

Bogura district is considered a role model in the country for its praiseworthy services in terms of preventing violence against women and girls by providing legal aid services to the survivors. Tamima’s contribution is really commendable to set this milestone here.

In addition, to providing legal assistance to various women, children and adolescent girls who have been victims of violence, she provided counseling and psychosocial support to these survivors especially those who had attempted suicide after becoming the victims of cyber abuse, rape, sexual harassment, and domestic violence.

On top of that to educate and aware the community people she has organized community awareness meetings at remote areas to prevent discrimination and abuse against women and girls. Since 2019, she has conveyed awareness messages to 151,000 people (tentatively). These Sessions motivated the community to raise their voices against any kind of violence and encouraged them to take legal action from police stations or other available places.

Furthermore, she has created a helpful booklet for GBV Prevention which contains various awareness messages, helpline numbers and detailed information of service providers. The booklet is now very popular and acclaimed, reaching out to people in remote areas through various government and private offices. Even by calling the number in the booklet, the victim can stay at home and report the problem.

Tamima’s other excellent initiative was publishing the benefits of different national emergency helpline numbers like 999, and 109 in remote areas. As a result, many housewives using these emergency numbers received immediate police assistance and the teenagers stopped their child marriages.She has been honored by Bogura District Police for this praiseworthy initiative.

Even during Covid-19 Tamima has shown her strong leadership and bravery to save the women and girls. When the whole world was stuck during this epidemic, People were home bound, then she organized an international awareness campaign titled “Campaign to Stop Violence Against Women and Girls during Covid-19.” This campaign was attended by 250 professionals and young leaders from 14 countries around the world.

Last but not the least, she took an excellent initiative to uphold the youth leadership and contribute to the community by making the youth volunteers appreciated. She made Youth volunteers known as ‘Youth Volunteers for Gender Equality.’ These youth groups are contributing to prevent child marriage, dowry, sexual harassment, rape, and other violence in their community.

Due to her remarkable contribution, Tamima already received several prestigious National and International awards including Inspiring Women Award in 2022, UN Country Champion Volunteers Award in 2021, Outstanding Leadership Award in 2021, Bravery Award in 2020 and National Youth Icon Award, New Delhi, in 2019.

Talking to The Daily Bangladesh Tamima Nasrin told “I want to see a world without any gender-based discrimination and oppression against woman and child”

“Winning awards for women's rights and equality is inspiring for me. These awards always motivate us to establish a better world for women and children, she further added.