Gas from tubewell turns cooking gas...

Gas from tubewell turns cooking gas

 Mymensingh Correspondent

 Published: 04:39 PM, 14 June 2022   Updated: 04:39 PM, 14 June 2022

Cooking is going on with the gas from the tubewell

Cooking is going on with the gas from the tubewell

Gas instead of water is leaking from a deep tubewell in a house at Haluaghat in Mymensingh. Locals are crowding daily to see the incident at farmer Alal Uddin’s house in Palashtala village of Bhubankura union. Home cooking is also going on with the gas leaking from the deep tubewell.

It is learned that the deep tubewell in front of Alal Uddin’s house was “abandoned” for almost two years. Even when it was closed, bubbles would rise from the tubewell. Locals suspect that “there is gas” as the noise level from the tubewell increased last Friday. 

At that time, the locals ensured that there was gas with the initial test by lighting a match in the tubewell. From then on, Alal Uddin’s family removed the tubewell and started cooking on the base plate of the pipe.

“Our family has been using this tubewell for a long time. But for the two years, the water level did not rise in the month of Chaitra due to low water level. We use this tubewell every monsoon season,” Alal Uddin said. 

He added that for the last two years, noise and bubbles have been coming out through tubewells. “We did not take the matter seriously. Attempts were made to draw water from a tubewell on Friday morning, however, the noise level suddenly increased. 

The matter was then reported to the police and UNO through a local member, Alal Uddin informed.

Nasir Uddin Khan, officer-in-charge of Haluaghat Fire Service, said cooking on it is very dangerous. Initially, it is necessary to draw a red flag with a fence around the tubewell. It would not be right to lit a fire in the vicinity under any circumstances. Otherwise, there is a possibility of grave danger. Besides, we request the administration to check the matter and take action in this regard.

Haluaghat Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) Md. Sohail Rana said natural gas is a resource of our country. Our Ministry of Energy will be able to tell where the country’s stocks are. The concerned ministry can tell about the gas reserves here. We will talk to the concerned authorities soon.