Hazmat Tender arrives to put out Sitakunda depot fire...

Hazmat Tender arrives to put out Sitakunda depot fire

 Chattogram Correspondent daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 01:01 PM, 6 June 2022   Updated: 01:01 PM, 6 June 2022

‘Hazmat Tender’ has reached Sitakunda to put out fire

‘Hazmat Tender’ has reached Sitakunda to put out fire

The fire service has brought Hazmat Tender (truck) from Dhaka to put out the fire which was still torching in the container depot due to the effect of chemicals. The officials of the company think that “the fire can be brought under control with this”.

A safe distance was not possible. The containers are cooling. Depot authorities are bringing handling equipment to remove the containers, said Monir Hossain, assistant director (training) of the fire service. “We have prepared 6 teams. Fires are still torching in 8-10 containers. The fire will be extinguished separately. A team of 20 people including two Hazmat Tenders (vehicles) came from Dhaka to put out the chemical fire.”  

He added that the depot did not have a “hydrant system”. If there was a “water line” and “trained manpower”, they could have extinguished the fire. “Such a large depot should have a hydrant system. I heard they don’t have a fire certificate,” Monir Hossain further said.

Mentioning that the “fire service was not informed about the presence of chemicals” in the beginning, the assistant director of the fire service said “the products have to be separated in the depot-warehouse”. Chemical products are to be kept in isolation. There is a “recognizable monogram”, a symbol of fire. “Hydrogen peroxide is not toxic. There was gum here. Garment items are on fire now. The container of hydrogen peroxide has been removed,” he also said.

With the help of logistical support, it will be possible to put out the whole fire in 5-6 hours, said the fire service official.

Even after 36 hours after the incident, it was seen on Monday morning – a fire was still torching in the container on the west side of the depot. Smoke is also coming out of some nearby containers. However, the fire service said that “the intensity of the fire was less than before”.

The fire broke out inside the depot’s loading point at around 8 pm on Saturday. Upon receiving the news, three units of Kumira Fire Service reached the spot and started working to control the fire. Later, at around 10:45 pm, the fire spread from one container to another. At one point, there was a huge explosion from a chemical in a container.

At least a five-kilometer area from the spot trembled at the time of the explosion. The blast was reported to have shattered the windows of many nearby houses.

According to the latest information provided by the Chattogram District Civil Surgeon, 49 people have been killed so far in the fire and explosion — 9 of them are fire service personnel. Besides, more than 100 people have been admitted to different hospitals in Chattogram and Dhaka after being burnt and injured.