Zakat-Fitra caprice on mobile by saying ‘someone very close’!...

Zakat-Fitra caprice on mobile by saying ‘someone very close’!

 Md. Rakibur Rahman, Chattogram

 Published: 03:49 PM, 2 May 2022  

Screenshots of text messages sent to different numbers

Screenshots of text messages sent to different numbers

“Rakib bhaia, I am someone very close to you. But I do not want to introduce myself. Many financial crises are going on in our family, shortage is also going on, meanwhile, Eid is coming ahead. Father has no money either, it will be very useful if you send some money for Fitra or Zakat. I am waiting. 01616-727641 bKash/Nagad send money number.” 

In such a way, by sending text messages on the mobile phones of different people, “someone very close” is asking for “zakat” or “fitra” money.

In such a situation, the person on the other side of the mobile is thinking – “maybe someone very close is trying to get help. Some people are sending money as per their ability thinking that person may be close or relative to him. 

But the reality is different. “Fraudsters are taking money in a new way of cheating by targeting different people” - such information has come up in the investigation by Daily Bangladesh. 

The investigation has found that many mobile users have received the same message. All that is being changed is the name of the targeted person and the mobile user. However, in this case, the cycle is using multiple numbers. Among them are –01616727641, 01616727629, 01615751185, and 01616727635.

Nawab Abdur Rahim is one of those who received such messages on his mobile phone. “I was very surprised,” he said.

“The number I received the message from is not within my family or relatives. Only a handful of people know this - they call me Nawab. But the message came in the name of Rahim. No one calls like this except family, relatives or friends in the neighborhood. They don’t even have the number. I was very confused,” he also said.

Receiving the same message, Mohammad Rabbi said he received the message at midnight on Saturday. At first glance, it seems that someone very close is in danger and maybe asking for help. Moreover, by writing the message in such a language, one’s humanity should be awakened. “However, I did not send the money in a hurry. I have been thinking for a long time about who the man could be. The next day, I found out that many acquaintances had received the same message. This is a new trick of deception,” he added.

Police say cybercriminals and fraudsters are constantly being punished. In this case, if people are aware, it is possible to reduce such deception.

Mohammad Sharif, an inspector in the Chattogram area of ​​the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the police, told Daily Bangladesh that fraudsters are actively targeting Eid. Various police units are working to catch them. In this case, people should be a little aware.