Mystery at Bangabandhu Safari Park: 9 zebras die within 22 days...

Mystery at Bangabandhu Safari Park: 9 zebras die within 22 days

 Gazipur Correspondent

 Published: 03:06 PM, 25 January 2022   Updated: 03:28 PM, 25 January 2022

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File photo

There were 31 Zebras in the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park in Sreepur, Gazipur. Nine out of the 31 have died in a row between January 2 and January 24 this year.

People related to the  Park are considering the deaths of nine consecutive zebras to be mysterious. After the death of nine, the number of Zebra now stands at 22 in Safari Park in Gazipur. 

The safari park has been thriving on zebra sails for a long time. New guests were joining the zebra flock one after another. There were plans to move some zebras from here to the National Zoo as a result of the continuous increase in numbers. But everyone involved in the park is worried about the death of the zebras.

Authorities at the safari park are investigating the cause of death of nine zebras in three weeks.

A meeting of experts will be held inside the park on Tuesday keeping in mind various issues including food poisoning, poisoning, virus-bacterial attack etc.

Safari Park Project Director Jahidul Kabir said that the meeting will be attended by specialist veterinarians, researchers and park-related people.

According to park-related sources, after the death of a zebra on January 2, samples were sent to the quality control laboratory at Savar in Dhaka and the laboratory of Bangladesh Agricultural University in Mymensingh. In the meantime, the results of the experiment have come.

A detailed visit to the zebra enclosure at Safari Park reveals a large area of ​​zebra habitat inside the Safari park area. There are artificial lakes and natural forests in the zebra pastures. There are special containers for feeding. Wild beasts and zebras eat there at the same time. In addition to the food provided, the zebras eat grass in the pasture. Monkeys also roam freely across zebra pastures.

According to park sources, the zebra's main food is grass. An organization called Mahbub Enterprise provides grass for Zebra in the safari park. In addition to grazing grass, the zebras are fed by bringing grass from different parts of the country through suppliers.

Officer-in-Charge of the Safari Park and Assistant Forest Conservator Tabibur Rahman was staying in Manikganj with Sirajul Islam, one of the proprietors of the grass-supplying company. 

Tabibur Rahman said, 'When it comes to poisoning, we are inspecting the grass collection areas with one of the suppliers.' Talked to grass growing farmers. Different types of samples are being collected from there. Grass and soil in the safari park have been sent for testing.

Regarding the deaths of nine zebras, he said experts would meet on Tuesday to discuss the deaths of zebras. There will be analysis of test results from different places. Then the real cause of death of the zebra will be known.

Tabibur Rahman said the presence of nitro phosphorus was found in various pancreas samples of the dead zebra.