Humguti: Villagers desperate to grab a brass ball...

Dhaka, Wednesday   19 January 2022

Humguti: Villagers desperate to grab a brass ball

 Mymensingh Correspondent

 Published: 01:54 PM, 15 January 2022  

In this game the conflict between the two zamindars ended

In this game the conflict between the two zamindars ended

Not a religious festival, not a social gathering. But it is more fun than Eid, Puja or any big day. Hundreds of people gather at Phulbaria in Mymensingh to enjoy a game called 'Humguti' on the last day of 'Poush' every year. This traditional game is more than 250 years old.

The game that started 263 years ago between the people of Muktagacha and Trishal zamindars to settle their disputes has now turned into a bond of unity.

Seeing the desperateness of the game, it seems like some people are trying to occupy a state. The villagers desperately try to grab a 21 kg brass ball named 'Humguti' in the crowd of lakhs of people. There is no referee in this 250 years old game, there is no fixed number of players and there is no fixed time. In the battle of power, whoever can take possession of the pawn will be the winner.

Every year the joy of the festival goes around among the villagers around this game. Thousands of spectators from different districts come to watch the game at Taluk Porgona at Baroi Aata at Lokkhipur in Fulbaria.

A spectator who came to watch the game said, I have come to Lokkhipur from Dhaka to watch this game. Another spectator said that he comes from Kushtia every year just to watch this game.

The game starts after 3 pm on the last day of Poush and lasts for a long time. The game often lasts for a few days to keep the brass ball in their possession. Meanwhile, in some villages around the game, Temporary food stalls go high.

This game was organized to settle the land dispute during the zamindari period. The organizing committee thinks that the game has become a bond of unity for more than two and a half century.

Humguti Parishad director AB Siddique said there were some land disputes within the taluk and pargana pardads. Then this humguti game was invented to resolve this conflict within the zaminders.

Humguti game was started 263 years ago to settle the dispute between Shoshikanto Acharjo, the king of Muktagach
a, and Hemchandro Roy, the zamindar of Trishal, over the measurement of land.