Serial killer in disguise of `Baul` for 20yrs!...

Dhaka, Wednesday   19 January 2022

Serial killer in disguise of `Baul` for 20yrs!

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 03:43 PM, 14 January 2022   Updated: 08:30 PM, 14 January 2022

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

He has been roaming around the country in the disguise of 'Baul' for almost 20 years. But behind the schene, he is a serial killer. Helal Hossain, an accused in multiple murder cases, has been hiding himself behind the name of Selim Fakir. RAB arrested him on Wednesday.

Commander Khandaker Al Moin, the director of the RAB's media wing, shared the horrific information about the serial killer.

He said Selim Fakir was accused in multiple murder cases. He changed his identity to hide himself and grew big hair and beard. He used to model for Baul songs while fugitive. Selim Fakir alias Helal alias Helal Hossain, the Baul model and serial killer of the famous song 'Bhanga Tori Chera Pal', has been hiding himself for a long twenty years.

He said that the model of this song Selim Fakir was a terrible serial killer. There are multiple murder cases against him in the North Bengal area. He has been convicted in all these cases. But to hide herself, he used to wear different costumes. Eventually RAB arrested him.

Commander Moin said Selim Fakir used to stay at the shrine or railway station at different times to hide himself. As far as RAB knew Selim is involved in about four murders. Details will be announced at a press conference on Thursday.