Green chilies taste in ‘Rosogolla’s sweets...

Dhaka, Wednesday   19 January 2022

Green chilies taste in ‘Rosogolla’s sweets

 Abdus Sattar, Rajshahi

 Published: 08:52 PM, 13 January 2022  

After seeing the headline – many may be surprised how does the sweet have a hot chili taste! However, a sweetshop called ‘Rosogolla’ in Rajshahi has responded well by making not only green chilies flavor, but also they are making mango-date molasses flavors and all the sweets of exceptional taste.

Shoppers of all ages are flocking to the ‘Rosogolla’ shop located at the Bhadra Rail Gate area of ​​the city to taste the sweets of different flavors.

It has been seen on the spot that there is no place to set foot inside the shop. People are getting different tastes of sweets by sitting or standing inside the shop. Some people even take the parcel. After getting different flavors of sweets, mixed reactions are seen on everyone’s face. 

Rajshahi NGO worker Subrata Kumar Paul said, “Not only the sweets of green chilies but also there are more flavors of sweets available here. The quality of sweets in this shop is also good.”

Sumaiya Akhter, a student in the Department of Sociology at Rajshahi University, said we thought only Rosogolla was supposed to be the best-selling in the ‘Rosogolla’ shop. But the sweets of green chilies, ripe mangoes, date molasses have become so popular that no one is buying Rosogolla except a few people. “I ate this dessert a few days ago, it was a wonderful test,” she added.

Nahida Aziz, a college teacher at Baliapukur Choto Bottola in Rajshahi metropolis, said whatever the color of sweets, it is spread in the campaign. The whole country including Rajshahi is floating in the campaign of “Rosogolla”. Due to this, this shop has become popular in a short time.

Arafat Rubel, the owner of Saudagar Door and Agro Farm in Rajshahi, is the entrepreneur of this sweetshop of different flavors.

“I have a cattle farm. These sweets are made from the pure milk of that farm. The main purpose of making sweets of various flavors was to spread the adulterated products of pure milk in an attractive way among the buyers,” Arafat Rubel said.

He added that the demand for sweets of different flavors at ‘Rosogolla’ is increasing day by day as exceptions are brought in the sweet market. There are plans to open several more branches of Rasgolla to cater to the needs of the buyers.