Autorickshaw dominance in Lakshmipur city...

Dhaka, Thursday   20 January 2022

Autorickshaw dominance in Lakshmipur city

 Shaker Mohammad Russell, Lakshmipur

 Published: 08:32 PM, 27 November 2021   Updated: 08:36 PM, 27 November 2021

Roads are occupied by autorickshaws

Roads are occupied by autorickshaws

Autorickshaw dominance is on the rise in Lakshmipur municipal town. Extreme traffic tails are being caused by the uncontrolled movement of these battery-powered rickshaws. Where it took five minutes to travel, there it took one hour due to the congestion of autorickshaws in the town. Many times, it took more than an hour to go to the destination.  

Due to the autorickshaws in the city, the traffic police are struggling to control the traffic tails. School-college students suffer the most due to these vehicles, even girls and female students become the victims of eve-teasing! However, the victims are blaming the negligence and mismanagement of the concerned authorities.

Drivers parked autorickshaws randomly

It can be seen on the spot that the traffic is congested in the city from morning till midnight as the municipal market road is an alley. Even cars are parking randomly. Besides, traffic congestions have become permanent in the city due to shops on the sidewalks and autorickshaw stands at intersections.

The victims alleged that their lives become a “standstill” due to traffic tails. Battery and CNG-powered autorickshaws occupy all the entrances to the city. It takes more than an hour to cross two kilometers from one end of the city to the other. As “there is no specific stoppage”, the autorickshaw drivers are parking in random places, increasing traffic congestion.

Traffic congestion is also increasing due to shops on the sidewalk

Lakshmipur municipal mayor Abu Taher said such a situation has prevailed as the town is a one-lane city. In particular, autorickshaws are becoming more troublesome. However, we have arranged a road connecting the east-west with a bridge. People are traveling on that road. “I have heard that the government will extend the perimeter of the road,” he added.

Lakshmipur DC Anwar Hossain Akand said the government has taken initiatives to reduce the traffic congestion in the city. The road will be upgraded to four-lane.