Hidden talent in a remote village...

Dhaka, Thursday   27 January 2022

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Hidden talent in a remote village

 Dinajpur Correspondent daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 06:12 PM, 27 November 2021  

Who doesn’t love songs? What if you hear somebody humming in a sweet voice while passing by you? Or, someone living beside your house sings so well that you become stunned whenever he or she sings! Such an extraordinary talent is an honors third-year student of Dinajpur Government College, Adori Rani Sarkar who lives in the remote village of Choupukuria in Birol upazila of Dinajpur.

Listening to the sweet melodious voice of Adori Rani Sarkar, you will surely going to think of the popular Indian artist Chitra Singh! But, due to a lack of opportunities, this talent is not known and acknowledged yet. It has remained secret for years.

Adori Rani Sarkar is doing Honors in Sociology at Dinajpur Government College living in a hostel in Dinajpur city. Whenever she gets a chance, she sings with her friends without any musical instruments in her dormitory. She has also sung in various cultural and worship stages occasionally. Through this, her popularity in the area has increased a bit.

Adori’s friend Tajmira said, “I had no idea that anyone could sing in such a beautiful voice. We relieve our stress by listening to her songs. If given the opportunity, Adori will be able to bring out her talent in the country and abroad.”

Adori Rani Sarkar wants to spread her talent in the country and abroad if given the opportunity

Adori’s neighbor Govinda Chandra Sarkar said Adori is known to the people of the village as an “Adori Vocalist’” as the villagers were fascinated after hearing her voice. But, being a member of a poor family, she is not getting a chance to bring out and spread her talent.

“My daughter sings well since childhood,” said Adori’s mother Chaiti Rani Sarkar. “Although we want to, we can’t afford Adori to nurture her talent as we are poor.” 

About her singing, Adori Rani Sarkar said She has been singing as a “hobby” since her childhood. “I have never had the opportunity to learn music institutionally. Now, I am trying to master songs and melodies by listening to songs on YouTube-Mobile,” ‍she also said.

“I want to spread my song all over the country and the world,” she expressed her desire, adding that she needs opportunities, first-hand education on music and co-operation.