Filipino woman elected UP member in Fulbaria...

Dhaka, Wednesday   19 January 2022

Filipino woman elected UP member in Fulbaria

 Mymensingh Correspondent

 Published: 03:40 PM, 13 November 2021   Updated: 03:42 PM, 13 November 2021

Jean Katamin Petriaca, aka, Jasmin Akhter, the newly elected UP member for the reserved seat at Radhakani UP in Fulbaria, Mymensingh

Jean Katamin Petriaca, aka, Jasmin Akhter, the newly elected UP member for the reserved seat at Radhakani UP in Fulbaria, Mymensingh

Jean Katamin Petriaca, a Filipino woman who graduated in Fisheries from a university in the Philippines and migrated to Singapore for work after graduation, met a Bangladeshi youth named Julhas Uddin there. Later, she married Julhas and came to Bangladesh 10 years ago. Then, she started a family with her husband at a village in Radhakani UP in Fulbaria in Mymensingh. They are living happily There. 

Jean Katamin Petriaca startled everyone by participating in this year’s Union Parishad (UP) election and became the people’s representative. She elected a member of the reserved seat in the 2nd phase of the UP elections held on November 11. 

Jean Katamin Petriaca said she graduated in fisheries from Mindanao State University in the Philippines in 2008. She then joined a company in Singapore and acquainted with Julhas Uddin, a youth from Fulbaria in Mymensingh, there and fell in love with him. Two years later, they returned to their country, however, had regular contact with Julhas. Later, they decided to get married. 

She also said Julhas went to the Philippines at the end of 2010 and she came to Fulbaria, Mymensingh with her husband after completing the marriage formalities. 

“It’s been 10 years since I came here. It has been difficult to live without parents,” said Jean Katamin Petriaca. “At  first, I faced troubles as I could not speak Bangla properly, however, gradually tried to learn and now I can understand and can speak Bangla too.” 

Mentioning that she had no intention to run the election, Jean Katamin said she did not want to take part, however, people in the area insisted on her running the election. “They love me a lot, so keeping their words, I took part in the election,” she said.

Jean Katamin Petriaca with her family

Now, Jean Katamin Petriaca is known as Jasmin Akhter to the locals. Although she does not understand politics, she won the hearts of the people as a non-Bengali – which is proved in the UP election.  

The newly-elected UP member got 4,496 votes with the Mike symbol. Her nearest rival got 1,636 votes. The woman, who once was a foreigner, was glad after receiving such love from the people by electing her.

Expressing his happiness, Julhas Uddin, husband of Jean Katamin Petriaca, aka Jasmin Akhter, said her wife took part in the election for the love of people. “I hope Petriaca will always stand by the people and work for the people,” he added.

Locals are also happy that their preferred candidate of the area has been elected in the reserved seats of wards 1, 2 and 3 of Radhakanai UP in Fulbaria upazila. “Petriaca left her country and family and came here. We like her a lot too, for his, we voted her. She will work for the development in the area,” said neighbor Sufia Khatun.