Global Covid-19 deaths, cases fall...

Global Covid-19 deaths, cases fall

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 Published: 09:41 AM, 15 August 2022   Updated: 09:42 AM, 15 August 2022



Around 577,939 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus worldwide in the last 24 hours while 1,277 people died from the pandemic.

Earlier on Sunday, 577,939 COVID- 19 patients were detected while 1,277 deaths related to the disease were reported worldwide.

As of Monday (15-08-2022), a total of 595,168,628 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus or Covid-19 worldwide, as the death toll rises to 6,454,572 while 568,436,257 patients have recovered, according to Worldometers data.

Japan has topped the daily death toll and virus cases list. In the last 24 hours, the country has seen 238 deaths by Covid-19 and 166,611 virus cases, reporting a total of 35,001 COVID deaths and 15,445,279 infections.

The Worldometer data shows that Iran has seen the second-highest death toll of 83 in the last 24 hours, increasing the death toll to 142,944. The total number of cases has exceeded 7,475,173 with 6,279 new infections.

South Korea has reported 119,603 new coronavirus cases and 57 deaths during the last 24 hours. So far, the country has reported 25,623 deaths and 21,355,958 COVID cases.

The coronavirus, which was first reported in China in 2019, affects 228 countries and territories worldwide.