Clinical guidelines for tackling Omicron finalized: DGHS...

Clinical guidelines for tackling Omicron finalized: DGHS

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 03:48 PM, 26 January 2022   Updated: 08:24 PM, 26 January 2022

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Clinical guidelines for tackling Omicron, a new variant of coronavirus or Covid-19, have been finalized, said Nazmul Islam, a spokesman for the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS). 

He said this in a virtual bulletin organized by the DGHS on Wednesday.

Warning about upward transmission, Nazmul Islam said the COVID cases are increasing rapidly due to the new variant of the virus, Omicron. “Clinical guidelines have been made to prevent this infection,” he also said.

He added that the guidelines have already been finalized. We have already sent it to the health-related organization. We will share the clinical guideline with you. The guidelines have been sorted out with the latest information.

“The symptoms of Omicron have been added to it (Clinical Guidelines),” said the DGHS spokesman. “It is being checked to see if there are any other symptoms. However, the most important thing is to follow the hygiene rules for disease control.”

Professor Nazmul Islam further said that in order to prevent infection, it is important to follow hygiene rules, ensure social distance, wear masks and wash hands with soap and water. 

“If we follow the hygiene rules, it is possible to control this pandemic,” he added.