COVID cases increased by 115pc within week: Department of Health...

Dhaka, Saturday   22 January 2022

COVID cases increased by 115pc within week: Department of Health

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 Published: 04:29 PM, 9 January 2022   Updated: 09:55 AM, 10 January 2022

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COVID cases have increased by 115 percent within a week. The Department of Health said this in a Virtual Health Bulletin.

In the last week, 115 percent more patients have been identified in the country. In addition, 23 people died in one week, which is 15 percent more than the previous week. This information was given by Md. Nazmul Islam in a Virtual Health Bulletin of the Department of Health about the situation of Covid-19 on Sunday afternoon.

According to the bulletin, more than 134,000 samples have been tested in the country in last one week, which is 2.5 per cent more than the previous week. In seven days, 6,300 new COVID patients have been identified, which is 3,376 more than the previous week.

The director of the department added that the overall infection rate in the last two months was 2 percent or less. But in the last one week, the detection rate has been increasing. 556 patients were identified on January 2, but on January 8, it stood at 1,116. At the beginning of January, the detection rate was below 3 percent, but now it is close to 6 percent.

Asked about the physical condition of the patients suffering from Omicron at this time, he said, 'Many of the patients suffering from the new type of COVID in the country are much better in condition.' Many have recovered and gone home.

He added that not only Omicron, but anyone suffering from COVID should seek timely medical advice. If you take treatment without hiding the information, the task of dealing with COVID becomes easier. He commented that due to the privacy of patients, a lot of information about patients with Omicron could not be shared.

Professor Dr. Md. Nazmul Islam said Omicron is increasing the number of patients in different countries of the world including Europe and the United States. It is increasing the pressure on all the equipments of healthcare including hospitals. In the face of constant pressure, the health care system in many countries is in danger of collapsing.

He said that with the active co-operation of all, the way we have dealt with COVID in Bangladesh for the last two years, we will be able to continue it in the current 2022. Hopefully we can control this epidemic.