Zuckerberg nixes Trump’s idea of breaking up Facebook...

Dhaka, Saturday   28 November 2020

Zuckerberg nixes Trump’s idea of breaking up Facebook

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 Published: 12:03 PM, 21 September 2019  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

US President Donald Trump has called for Facebook to be broken or stopped. But Mark Zuckerberg immediately rejected Trump's call. In an interview at the Oval Office on Thursday, Trump made this call News - AFP.

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg met Thursday with US President Donald Trump and members of Congress on a political reconnaissance mission to Washington, where he rejected calls to break up the world’s biggest social network.

Zuckerberg’s visit comes as Facebook faces a myriad of regulatory and legal questions surrounding issues like competition, digital privacy, censorship and transparency in political advertising.

A Facebook spokesman said discussions were focusing in part on future internet regulation. Federal and state anti-trust enforcers are looking into potential anti-competitive actions by Facebook, and members of Congress are debating national privacy legislation.

Meanwhile, a photo of the meeting was posted on Twitter. It turns out that Trump is exchanging greetings with Zuckerberg. In the caption of the photo, Trump wrote that he had a great meeting with Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook at the Oval Office.

According to a Facebook spokeswoman, the interview was discussed between Trump and Zuckerberg in relation to future Internet controls and related issues.