Youth surprises the world making low-cost artificial hand

Dhaka, Thursday   02 April 2020


Youth surprises the world making low-cost artificial hand

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 Published: 02:10 PM, 18 February 2020   Updated: 02:14 PM, 18 February 2020

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Many people have no hand, whether by accident or from birth. But most of them couldn’t get an artificial hand as it is very expensive. According to a survey, about 40,000 people loss their hands one or both every year in different accidents in India.

Madhya Pradesh resident Prashant Gade, had admitted to studying electronics at an engineering college. But he discovered a vast gape of the college education with his thinking. Prashant always dreamed of discovering something new. In the third year, he left college and joined the robotics course. Then he left for Pune. There he finds out about Nicholas Hoochitt. Nicholas is a Bionic hand maker. Nicholas made a bionic hand for his cut arm himself. He became the inspiration for Prashant.

While in Pune, Prashant met a seven-year-old girl. The girl has not had two hands since birth. Prashant looks for the prosthetic hand for the girl. Later, the prosthetic hand is so expensive that it is impossible for the girl's family to carry it. This is where his life takes a new turn.

Youth success inventing low coast artificial hand

In 2015, after a long study, Prashant made prosthetic hands. Then, in 2016, he founded a company named Inali. In the meantime, Prashant has given around 1500 prosthetic hands to different people free of cost. And about 3,000 people got prosthetic hands for only at Tk 50 thousand. His invention of the low-cost artificial hand has surprised the whole world.

The whole world is surprised of his contribution

But although it may seem like a story to listen, this long road to Prashant was not a smooth one. Many obstacles have come. He had to hear different comments. But nothing could stop him. Because he was determined to fulfill his dream.