Young entrepreneur extends helping hand to Manbaru couple...

Dhaka, Sunday   25 October 2020

Young entrepreneur extends helping hand to Manbaru couple

 Patharghata (Barguna) Correspondent

 Published: 05:58 PM, 30 August 2020   Updated: 04:49 PM, 1 September 2020

Young entrepreneur extends helping hand to Manbaru couple

Young entrepreneur extends helping hand to Manbaru couple

Poor housewife Manbaru and her husband Rashid Dakua of Patharghata are passing days with miseries. Sometimes they have to starve.

They have not enough clothes to wear and Rashid Dakua is unable to walk due to old age and illness. Their only homestead was destroyed by the storm.

On Thursday afternoon, some parts of the Padma dam embankment of the Baleshwar river destroyed. Manbaru and Rashid, residents of the embankment. The couple has been living in a slum on this dam for many years. They have to face storms and tidal waves constantly.

When a local journalist went to take pictures of their misery, Manbaru asked the journalist for help. Seeing the report, young entrepreneur Mynul Islam Tuhin come forward and extend his helping hand to the poor couple. Tuhin proved it that where there's a will there's a way. 

Mynul Islam Tuhin, a second-year honors student of the Sociology Department at Government Titumir College. He stands by the poor couple with saree, lungi, rice, pulses, potatoes, and other necessities. 

Tuhin gave their one-month daily necessities on Saturday morning with the help of the local voluntary organization 'Astha', they went to the hut and buy the food items for the poor couple. The couple became happy after getting two Sarees, two lungies and other daily necessities. 

Manbaru said their homestead land was devoured by the river. I can't cook properly as the soil of the house is broken. We are happy to get clothes and food items. 

Mynul Islam Tuhin, a young entrepreneur from Titumir College, said he had seen a report on the couple in the news portals and on social media. So I cooperated with this couple. So far I have earned 1 lakh taka from YouTube. I will distribute half of the money I will earn from YouTube in the future among the needy.

President of the local voluntary organization 'Astha' and Journalist Shafiqul Islam Khokon said, "We have always been cooperating and working with the needy in the embankment areas. Young entrepreneur student Tuhin contacted us and we cooperated with him."