Yearning for a bridge over 50 years...

Dhaka, Sunday   25 July 2021

Yearning for a bridge over 50 years

 Sirajganj Correspondent

 Published: 07:40 PM, 17 June 2021  

People are crossing the river on a bamboo bridge at the risk of life

People are crossing the river on a bamboo bridge at the risk of life

The bamboo bridge is still the hope for crossing the Garudaha River in Dhubil Mehman Shahi of Salanga police station in Sirajganj. Thousands of people, including Dhubil Mehman Shahi, cross the bridge daily at the risk of their lives. 

Although 50 years have passed since independence, no bridge has yet been built for the river crossing of thousands of people in several nearby villages, including Dhubil Mehman Shahi. As a result, people of various professions including school-college-madrasa students are crossing the dangerous bamboo bridge every day risking their lives.

Talking to locals on the spot, it was learned that thousands of people are suffering due to the lack of a bridge at Dhubil Mehman Shahi in Dhubil UP, about 10-km away from Salanga Sadar, especially, school-going children, people who came to sadar hospitals suffer the most.  

The demand to build a bridge for direct communication of the people of this neglected region is long overdue, however, their demand was not met at all. As a result, the people of the Dhubil Mehman Shahi region are deprived of many emergency facilities and services.

Besides, local farmers cannot easily market their agricultural products, including ERRI-Boro paddy, as there is no direct road suitable for transportation.

Md. Haider bin Jamal and Mezbauer Rahman Khokon of Dhubil Mehman Shahi village said they used to cross the river with a bamboo bridge in the dry season and a boat in the rainy season at the risk of their life for ages, but now they cross the river with a bamboo bridge as boats become riskier in the rainy season. Due to the lack of a bridge, the people of the area are now “isolated from communication”.

People are crossing the river on a bamboo bridge at the risk of life

The locals demanded the construction of a bridge in this place since independence but it was not fulfilled even in 50 years of independence. 

Leaders of various political parties have promised to build bridges in the interest of voting during the election. But they forgot the promise whenever they come to power.

The locals are seeking the intervention of local MP Dr. Abdul Aziz and other concerned authorities in this regard.  

Raiganj Upazila Engineer (LGED) Tariqul Islam Talukder said the demand for construction of a bridge to cross the river at a place called Dhubil Mehman Shahi is very acceptable. To ensure successful implementation of this demand, the matter will be informed to the higher authorities in writing.