Yaravirus panic in Brazil amid Coronavirus

Dhaka, Thursday   02 April 2020


Yaravirus panic in Brazil amid Coronavirus

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 Published: 09:44 PM, 11 February 2020  

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A new form of virus is currently causing scientists to scratch their heads after it emerged the organism had almost no recognizable genes.

This “mysterious” virus collected from amoebae in an artificial lake in Brazil was considerably smaller than the viruses usually known to infect amoebae.

The team named it “Yaravirus”, after Yara, also known as “Iara”, meaning “mother of all waters” and representing a beautiful mermaid-like figure from Brazilian mythology who would lure sailors underwater to live with her forever.

When the scientists sequenced the yaravirus genome – the process of determining the complete DNA sequence which makes up an organism – they discovered over 90 percent of it was formed of the genes had never been found before.

This research article was recently published on the Open Access Bio-Archive website on biology. Scientists have given an idea about the new virus.

The research team says the virus is different from the common amoeba virus. But some may be similar to the giant virus. The origin of the virus is not known.