World’s Biggest Military Spender is US, India in South Asia...

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World’s Biggest Military Spender is US, India in South Asia


 Published: 11:16 AM, 7 January 2018   Updated: 12:58 PM, 7 January 2018



The United States is at the top of the military budget in the world; India in South Asia. The latest data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute shows that China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and India are ahead in terms of military budget.

While there is no one around the United States military budget as a single country, there is an interesting fact that considering the population and calculate the part of the military budget in the country`s total budget, the United States is much behind than Israel and Saudi Arabia.

According to the Peace Research Institute, in 2016, the expenditure of military spending was 1.69 trillion US dollars. Of these, the United States alone spent 611 billion US dollars, which was 1.7 percent higher than in 2015. The US military budget was highest in 2010. In that comparison, the budget of 2016 was less than 20 percent.

China is ahead of all in terms of military budget. This country is the world`s second-largest military budget who is increased their budget by 118 percent. According to the Peace Research Institute, they spent 215 billion US dollars, which is almost four times more than its neighboring country India. India has spent 56 billion dollars in the military sector, and it is the fifth position in the world.

Russia is the world`s third-largest military budget globally. In 2016, the country spent 69 billion dollars in their military sector.

And the highest military budget among the Middle East countries is Saudi Arabia. They are in the fourth position in the military budget and they spent 63 billion US dollars in 2016. The country has constantly increased military spending since 2002. But compared to 2015, their military budget was approximately 30 percent lower than in 2016.

France is in number one position in terms of military spending in Europe and in the sixth position in the world. They spent 55 billion US dollars in 2016. France`s neighboring country, United Kingdom, and Germany are in seventh and eighth position. After exiting the European Union, the country`s actual military expenditure has reduced due to the depreciation of pounds.

On the other hand, in 2016, 2.9 percent of military expenditure has increased in Germany who is in top position in the economy in Europe. According to the report, this was done by Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Japan and South Korea are among the top ten in Southeast Asia. The military expenditure is increasing in this region which increased the ongoing tensions between North Korea, South Korea, China, and Japan.

The data say that in 2016, more than 0.4 percent is spending on military expenditure than 2015 globally. In 2016, 2.2 percent of the total global production was spent in the military sector, which is equal to 227 US dollars per person. Due to war, security threats, oil prices and the difference in revenue and expenditure, the military budget is more or less expensive.

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